Working with the Not For Profit sector

The not-for-profit sector is diverse, with international charities and one-person foundations all looking for donations, funding and support. Making the most of the monies within the organisation is a key element of reporting to stakeholders, who want to see the highest possible percentage being spent on the charity’s activities rather than on administration and office-related expenditure. Our print management services bring you affordable, scaleable solutions that make the most of every penny.

Dyslexia Action

Multi-functional printing solutions for Dyslexia Action.

Charities have to make the most of all the funding they receive. For Dyslexia Action, one of the most recognised charities of its type in the UK, that means streamlining its print environment across several sites to ensure costs are kept down and that the charity is as efficient as possible. By working alongside BAC, Dyslexia Action has revolutionised its print environment, finding both cost and time efficiencies in the process.

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